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As a self-taught developer looking for your first job, your GitHub profile is one of your most valuable resources. Without the backing of a degree or bootcamp, employers will look to your GitHub page to determine your ability. You can showcase your knowledge, code quality, ability to collaborate with others, problem solving skills and much more.

After working on a project, make it easy for people to view the final product. If it is a website, deploy it to a cloud provider (such as GitHub pages, Heroku or AWS) and put the link in the repository description. You could also…

Computer with code on it

Over the last year and a half of my law degree, I realised that coding was much more fun than anything I would end up doing if I became a lawyer. So, I took on the challenge of teaching myself to code and ended up finishing university with a job as a software developer!

One of the most important skills in coding is being able to solve problems, whether that’s uncovering a bug, figuring out the right logic when interacting with an API, display something in a particular way and much, much more.

A benefit of being self-taught is that…

Annie F

Self-taught software developer with a law degree. Always learning new things.

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